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Sports Performance

At SCAR PT, we provide elite-level athletes and individuals with an exceptional training facility to help them reach their health objectives. Our programs are designed to train our clients for optimal performance but also educate them on how they can make a long-term commitment toward a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Three Easy Steps to Start Your Performance Training

Step 1: Create Athlete Profile

Creating your athlete profile is the first step in your performance training as it provides our trainers an understanding of who you are and your goals 
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What Type of Training Are You Interested In?
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Step 2: Attend Performance Evaluation

Once your profile is submitted, our trained sports performance experts will contact you to schedule a performance evaluation. This will determine a baseline of metrics that determines the right training for you.

Step 3: Launch Training Program

You will be recommended a training program based on your specific goals and availability to help you reach your goals. Training programs vary from group classes to private training. Programs vary 1-2 hours in length.

Performance Plans centered around you

SCAR PT Performance Plans are tailored according to each individual's needs and goals, from beginner level all the way to professional athlete. Our trainers will implement a comprehensive program comprised of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility/mobility exercises, and core stability drills in order to produce maximum results.

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