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Private Training

Private Training

ProSport Performance Private Training is designed to do one thing, make you a better athlete. We don't just train athletes, we develop them. The programs are designed based on your sport and your unique strengths and weaknesses. No two athletes are the same which is why "cookie cutter" programs don't work. At ProSport, our number one priority is your success as an athlete.

One-on-One training designed for you

Our private and semi-private training model is built safely and effectively with your goals in mind. Using calculated steps through our ProSport Process, we eliminate any guessing and create the optimal roadmap for you to become the strongest, healthiest, and injury-free version of yourself. 

By starting with a performance evaluation, will allow us to create a baseline and benchmarks to track your progress over time. 



The First Step

This 45 minute to 1 hour evaluation takes each athlete through a series of tests. They will test the athlete on speed, agility, strength.

A Performance Evaluation is crucial to begin our program. Not only will this show our coaches where the athlete is currently at athletically, but it will also raise any red flags on what they may need to work on in order to keep that risk of injury low.

This assessment will be the foundation of what our coaches will build their recommendation on which training options would best benefit each athlete.
A performance evaluation is $75 for the session. 

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