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Fitness & Wellness Programs

SCAR’s Fitness and Wellness Center offers an array of professional services and gym memberships within our spacious facility that features contemporary, innovative equipment and comfortable amenities, including lockers, showers, free WiFi and more. 
Our exceptional staff all have degrees in exercise science and are certified by accredited national fitness and strength and conditioning organizations.

Once you submit your athlete profile and your performance evaluation is complete, you will be recommended a training plan within a ProSport Performance Class based on your individual goals.

Personal Training 

Our experienced and certified professionals will customize programs to help you achieve your fitness and health goals, coaching you through fun and effective sessions.
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SCAR PT offers numerous fitness and wellness programs

Gym Memberships

A SCAR Gym Membership will give you access to our personalized fitness advice and the motivation to be your best. Start now and take advantage of our convenient class times and locations! With SCAR, you’ll become a healthier, better version of yourself in no time
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SCAR Physical therapy offers Group Fitness Class for all ages

Group Fitness Classes

We offer various fun and effective group classes led by certified instructors for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels.
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SCAR Physical Therapy offers wellness programs

Sports Performance

If your goal is to build strength, increase speed, improve your fitness and play injury-free, then one of our sports performance training programs will be perfect for you. Our sports-specific training programs include a personalized approach for you to perform better.
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Running Analysis

Our SCAR video running analysis provides an extensive assessment of your running technique alongside personalized treatment ideas and strategies to address any underlying problems.
Call 714-633-7227 to schedule your running analysis
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SCAR Stetch

SCAR’s Assisted Stretch program will stretch you the way your body actually moves – and farther than you can stretch yourself, including areas that you might not be able to reach on your own. 

Our goal is to improve your flexibility and mobility, the benefits of which extend to your posture, balance, and performance.
Call 714-633-7227 to schedule your XXXXXX
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SCAR PT offers TPI Golf Fitness & Rehab

TPI Golf Fitness & Rehab

Ready to achieve you best, pain free swing? 

Call 714-633-7227 to schedule a session with our physical therapist and golf expert, Brent Talley, DPT – TPI Certified and TPI Medical 2 Certified. 

The TPI Level 1 certification equips Dr. Talley to apply foundational concepts of the Body-Swing Connection™ to evaluate your physical readiness and swing characteristics.
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Improve your movement’s efficiency and your body awareness with Pilates. The Pilates Method enables you to pay close attention to your own breathing, the way you position your muscles and limbs, and encourages strong concentration on form.

All of this combined forces you to become more in tuned with your body, which, transfers over to serve you in everyday life.
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Healthy Back

More than 80 percent of people in the U.S. will experience back pain at least once within their lifetime. You can develop a healthy back and reverse the patterns of pain and disability. 

Our Healthy Back program can help you alleviate your discomfort and restore your motion through lifestyle improvements and functional exercises.

This 8-week program is customized for you by one of our certified fitness professionals
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Fall Prevention

Our physical therapists and corrective exercise specialists can treat your balance problems by identifying the causes and customizing a program to address your specific needs. 

We can help reduce your risk of falling and your fear of falling by working with you to improve your posture, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Additionally, we have expertise in treating vestibular disorders.
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We work with individual clients to create a personalized dietary plan that promotes optimal health. 
This program is tailored to fit your unique needs, beginning with an individual assessment focusing on your nutritional challenges, goals, and desired outcomes. 
Our expert will help you create meal plans that work with any dietary restrictions or health concerns you might have.
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Custom Orthotics

Do you have flat feet, high arches, or a pronation issue? Is your low back, knees, ankles or feet in pain?
Have you been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, neuroma or heel spurs? If so then custom orthotics may be the right solution for you! 

Whether it's to enjoy running without discomfort or just simply make daily life more bearable; SCAR is here to provide a full range of quality orthotic products.
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