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TPI Golf Fitness & Rehab

Do you have a golf injury? Are you looking to improve your swing? You can benefit from TPI Golf Fitness and Rehab at SCAR!

According to research, up to two-thirds of amateur golfers will experience an injury sometime within the lifespan of their participation in the sport. Many of these injuries are linked to overuse and problems with swing mechanics.

Based on research by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), many amateur golfers struggle with these common swing faults:

  • 64% lose posture
  • 64% early extend
  • 56% cast or early release
  • 45% have a flat shoulder plane
  • 44% are over the top
  • 39% have a reverse spine
  • 37% sway
  • 36% have a Chicken Wing
  • 33% have C-postures
  • 32% hang back
  • 31% slide
  • 25% have S-postures

Benefits of TPI Golf Fitness & Rehab

  1. Optimize your lessons. By knowing what physical limitations you have, your golf pro can concentrate your time on the swing pattern you are actually able to do.
  2. Avoid quitting due to injury. By not forcing your body into positions and motions that you are not physically able to do repeatedly without injury, you can continue to golf pain-free.
  3. Recover quickly from injury. With accurate clinical diagnosis and specialized rehabilitation for your golf injury, you can return to the course sooner and stronger.
  4. Progress more quickly and safely. By identifying your changeable limitations and concentrating on improving those through treatment and exercise, you will achieve your best swing more efficiently and effectively.
  5. Truly enjoy your game! With your improved flexibility, strength, and motion coordination, you can golf longer, pain-free, and better than ever before! You’ll also experience and benefit from the tour-level treatment that all the top Titleist golf pros receive.

Expert Care for Golfers is at SCAR!

Ready to achieve you best, pain free swing? Call 714-633-7227 to schedule a session with our physical therapist and golf expert, Brent Talley, DPT – TPI Certified and TPI Medical 3 Certified. The TPI Level 3 certification equips Dr. Talley to apply foundational concepts of the Body-Swing Connection™ to evaluate your physical readiness and swing characteristics. Designed for healthcare professionals, the TPI Medical 2 certification focuses on optimal diagnosis and rehabilitation of golf injuries.