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Running Analysis

Solutions to improve performance…Or when running hurts.

If foot, knee, hip, or back pain has limited your training, then faulty biomechanics might be to blame. And if you can’t seem to get past a training plateau, the way you run can be limiting your performance. Poor body mechanics can result from structural abnormalities or weakness in specific muscles, or many times poor body mechanics are simply the result of incorrect technique. The SCAR video running analysis includes a comprehensive biomechanical and video evaluation of your running, along with personalized training and treatment strategies to correct underlying problems.

Having your running gait analyzed can be a great benefit in improving your running form. Analysis of your stride can show where you are putting too much strain on your muscles, which can help you make adjustments to improve efficiency and reduce injury risk. It also helps with identifying ideal shoes for your particular foot shape and style of running. Changes in technique or shoe selection can result in improved performance, increased endurance, and fewer injuries. With the data gathered from an analysis of your running gait, it can be easier to track progress over time and spot subtle changes that could indicate an issue or possible improvement opportunity.

Ultimately, having an analysis done on your running gait can provide valuable insight into how you move, allowing you to make necessary changes to get the best results from your runs.

“I had this analysis done, and took 20 min off my marathon time…best thing I ever did for my running!” – Ingrid L.M.

Have you reached a training plateau, or does it hurt to run? Call us at 714-633-7227 to schedule your running analysis.