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About Us

Since 2019, The RE_Building by Northwest Rehabilitation Associates has served Salem, OR, and surrounding communities providing the highest quality care for athletes and friends. Our team of highly skilled physical therapists and athletic performance specialists are honored and delighted to serve you and your family. 

Our Mission

We are an innovative rehabilitation and wellness services provider helping patients in our communities reach their fullest potential while providing an unmatched employee experience. 

We pledge:

  • To assist each patient in reaching their maximum performance so they may live the life they deserve without pain and injury.
  • To provide state-of-the-art health care that strives to significantly improve the well-being of each patient while recognizing their capacity for being responsible for their own health.
  • To serve as a health care resource, educating the community in terms of self-care and responsibility.

Overview of Our Services

At the RE_Building by Northwest Rehabilitation Associates we exist to get you back to playing your sport at a high level. We make athletes run faster, jump higher, quicker and more explosive so that they can perform at their potential. Combining our unique equipment and training methodologies, we place an emphasis on improving maximum power proven to improve athleticism and help athletes play better on the field and court.

We also specialize in outpatient physical therapy services for patients with orthopedic, neurological, musculoskeletal, and sports injuries. We are unique and consistent in delivering high-level care. Our staff's expertise is visible not only in professional designations, but also through published works and national / international invited speaking engagements.
Also located inside of the RE_Building are Chiropractic, PRP Sports Psychology, & Vision Training. 
Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps patients manage injuries or any type of movement or function disorder through comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment.

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Sports Injury

Whether you’re a student, an amateur enthusiast, or a professional or adaptive athlete, we understand the needs of athletic participants sidelined by an injury.

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Concussion Recovery

A Physical Therapist, trained in the management of concussion, is able to evaluate and provide treatment and education for symptoms of concussion, including headache and dizziness.

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1080 Sprint

The 1080 Sprint is a portable resistance training and testing device for athletes helping them get faster and stronger.

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Underwater Treadmill

Our underwater treadmill offers a great way to decrease stress on your joints, resistance for strength training, and the pressure that helps support the body ultimately providing your muscles the opportunity to increase functionality sooner in a safe environment.

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Athlete Training

As a key member of today’s dynamic health care team, we prescribe a goal-oriented athlete training program starting with an evaluation, comprehensive training plan, and injury prevention for our patient’s specific needs. 

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Injury Prevention

We provide quality, comprehensive injury plans for every athlete to prevent injuries or suffering from any type of movement or function disorder. Our movement specialists identify if the way your body moves or your strength levels are contributing to pain, putting you at an increased risk for suffering a shoulder injury, running injury or even […]

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Pediatric physical therapy helps children and their families manage movement-related injuries and conditions in a calm and compassionate treatment environment.

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Fitness & Wellness

Physical therapists work with people of all ages and activity levels to identify weaknesses and movement problems, as well as develop strength and conditioning plans to prevent injury so their clients can perform at higher levels.

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Aquatic Therapy

Outpatient-based aquatic therapy can help patients begin their rehabilitation earlier and move through treatment in a safe therapeutic pool.

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