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Sports Injury

Whether you're a student, an amateur enthusiast, or a professional or adaptive athlete, we understand the needs of athletic participants sidelined by an injury.

That's why we work with competitors at all levels to diagnose existing injuries and develop methods to prevent future risks. 

Conditions we treat include but are not limited to: 

  • Knee/hip/ACL pain or injury
  • Shoulder/elbow pain or injury
  • Foot/ankle pain or injury 
  • Throwing injuries
  • Concussions

Sports injury treatments may include: 

  • Running analysis
  • Concussion management
  • Baseball and softball programs
  • Sports performance enhancement 
  • Strengthening and conditioning
  • Dry needling (region-specific)
  • Cupping (region-specific)
  • Hand therapy
  • Throwing injury rehabilitation
  • Massage therapy
  • Youth sports programs 
  • Athletic training
  • Sports recovery services