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Sports Performance Classes

RE_Building Sports Physical Therapy & Performance is Salem's leading sports performance facility offering small group and individualized programs focused on the athlete's physical development and performance goal. 

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Once you submit your athlete profile and your performance evaluation is complete, you will be recommended a training plan within a RE_Building Performance Class based on your individual goals.

Private Training

Class Duration is 60 minutes. 
For those who desire an individualized training approach to meet their goals at a high level.
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Foundational (ages: approx. 8-12)

Class Duration is 60 minutes.
This class introduces optimal movement mechanics related to speed, agility, stability and balance leading to a durable foundation.

Essentials: (ages: approx. 12-14)

Class Duration is 60 minutes.
This class focuses on instilling confidence in proper movement mechanics related to speed and agility while safely exposing the individual to basic strength movements.

Accelerated (Advanced Middle School-High School)

Class Duration is 1 hour
This advanced training combines developing the technique of speed alongside the strength, power, and explosiveness necessary to dominate sport. Reserved for high school athletes and older.

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