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Pump Institute

At PUMP Institute, we know that people flourish in a safe, motivating environment with positive group engagement. Training together using intelligent, high-energy exercise builds a solid foundation to live life to its fullest.

We offer a safe environment with highly trained staff members who love our people and community. Combining physical therapy and training is innovative and cutting-edge, building safe, effective, and results-driving programs. If a member has an injury or concern it can be checked on the spot by a physical therapist.

Three Easy Steps to Start Your Performance Training

Step 1: Choose Membership

Choosing a membership package first step in your fitness and wellness journey as it .....
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Step 2: Attend Intro to Pump

Your first class as a new member will be Intro To Pump. This provides you and your trainer an understanding of your fitness and wellness goals. 

Step 3: Launch Training Program

After the Intro to Pump class, your trainer will recommend specific exercises that are based on your situation and goals. 

Fitness Plans centered around you

Workouts are in group formats with exercise targets. Components of a typical workout include a dynamic warm-up, core and strength circuit training, with cardiovascular, balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, quickness, and power components. All classes are supervised either by a PUMP certified trainer.

We provide innovative technology to help you gain a better understanding of your health and wellness. so that you can see your progress and understand the impact you are making on your health with a membership.


Pump Institute at Golden Bear Physical Therapy
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Fitness & Gym Classes in Lodi

210 W. Pine St.
Lodi CA 95240
(209) 921-3571
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I'm in better health today than the last 10 years. My weight is down, strength and performance are UP. Blood pressure and Lipids are WAY down and I am having fun again
Fred White
Pump Member
Your facility is top-notch! The atmosphere at Pump can't be matched! 

Dennis Arlin
Pump Member
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