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Pump Institute Classes

Pump Institute inside of Golden Bear Physical Therapy is a leading fitness facility offering small group and individualized programs focused on the athlete's physical development and performance goal.

Workouts are in group formats with exercise targets. Components of a typical workout include a dynamic warm-up, core and strength circuit training, with cardiovascular, balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, quickness, and power components. All classes are supervised either by a PUMP certified trainer. 

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Below is the upcoming schedule of classes at Pump Institute. New Members must attend an Introductory to Pump prior to attending any of the classes. 

Below the schedule is an overview of each class. 

Intro to Pump

This class will introduce you to the basic components of different group exercise classes so you can feel comfortable and confident in joining. 

Open Gym

From core elements to fundamentals, you will develop the skills needed to sculpt your core, build your arms and legs, and develop balance endurance, and skill.

Total Body Pump

This is a full-body workout that involves cardio to increase the heart rate, and resistance training to sculpt the arms, butt, and core.

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