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Support & Hard Work Sends BodyCentral's Sam Rauchwarter to the National Stage

Within every one of Therapy Partner’s local brand clinics is a team that is committed to providing patients with the treatment and connection they deserve to get back to living their life to the fullest. Opportunity for growth exists for not only the patient but also the treating therapists in the organization.

BodyCentral's Sam Rauchwarter PT, DPT, SCS has gone from Sports Resident to multi-clinic director, to providing physical therapy care for endurance athletes on the national stage in Kona, Hawaii for Ironman World Championships, South Korea, and Abu Dhabi with Team USA in three short years.

Sam Rauchwarter at the World Triathlon Cup

Sam joined BodyCentral PT in Arizona as a Sports Resident in 2019 and as he shares, he wanted the opportunity to grow but just needed a little push, "(BodyCentral founders) Jen, Tonya, and the other management team members really encouraged me to develop a niche area of practice during the residency” shared Sam Rauchwarter. " Being an endurance athlete myself, I chose endurance athletes and started working with some local professional and age-group triathletes. And really kind of got my feet wet, working within professional sports."

The encouragement and support continued, "I remember texting Jen (BodyCentral founder) and she encouraged me to go get them," shared Sam Rauchwarter. "What do you mean, go get them? She pushed me to reach out and make connections."

Three years later, he has been working with a triathlete and his coach, who now is a coach for Team USA. Sam recalls the call to be the physical therapist for Triathletes with Team USA. “I remember Ryan (Team USA coach) calling and asking if I would be interested in working with some Team USA athletes. I didn’t know exactly what he meant by that at first. Then he told me I could travel around the world with Team USA and I was in”.

As Sam shares, this opportunity did not come without a little luck and a lot of dedication. "I was working six, seven days a week, even though I was only clinically working five days a week. With triathletes having pain while running that comes in after mile 15, the only way that you're going to see how they're going to do and how they're running afterward is if you go out there, hop on a bike behind them and watch them the entire two hours that they're out there. It takes time, energy, and effort."

Jen Allen, Co-Founder of BodyCentral and Chief Clinical Officer of Therapy Partners Group adds “Sam has everything it takes to get whatever he wants in life--- and he is coachable. He is willing to take direction, take risks and get out of his comfort zone. That is when growth happens--- and opportunities start pouring in.”

Sam's story is encouraging for young physical therapists looking to find their niche. As Sam shares, "It's just a matter of having the right mentorship and leadership and then taking every opportunity you can then to try and capitalize on those opportunities."

At Therapy Partners Group, we strive to create a rewarding experience and unforgettable interactions—for both our patients and our team members.

At TPG, we focus on providing team members with the platform to grow and develop. BodyCentral's Sam Rauchwarter is a prime example of a team member who when presented with opportunities, was able to seize the moment.