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Physical Therapy in Bakersfield - Success Stories

I have found the service and physical therapy program designed just for my needs has been excellent. Mike Marotta, on my initial visit, takes the time to assess your personal situation and formulates a plan to help you through your physical problems. I recommend Pair & Marotta very highly

Everybody is so caring and obviously love what their doing with us patients. They combine humor along with excellent health care! Highly recommend

They gave me the help I needed and confidence to get back to what I was doing I have 5 vertebrae's going out they've been pinching my nerves and they got me back on my feet when I couldn't walk. Start off with pool exercises and a small massage every morning then I got him talked into letting my doctors allow me to do land weight. now I'm doing things on my own I appreciate everything they have done for me

Everyone is professional and friendly. From day one I have been greeted with a smile and the front office never forgets your name! I'm going on my third week of aquatic therapy after back surgery and I am feeling better everyday!
Bakersfield's best physical therapy by far.

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