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Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy - Physical Therapy in Downtown Spokane

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Ready To Get Started With Physical Therapy Near Spokane?

For over five years, Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy has been serving Spokane and surrounding communities.

Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy conveniently located in Downtown Spokane on W. 5th Ave is the top choice for individualized physical and hand therapy in a warm and encouraging atmosphere.

We offer exceptional care, trusted expertise, and remarkable outcomes through in-clinic PT treatment. Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy is the most popular choice for Physical Therapy & Hand Therapy in Spokane. From balance and vertigo difficulties to sports injuries, workers’ compensation claims,  hand therapy, and pelvic health Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy is the top choice for care in Spokane.

The friendly staff at Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy will develop a personalized treatment plan designed for YOU to help you reach your goals and reduce the chance of future injuries.

Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy is the Best Physical Therapy in Spokane, WA

We only hire physical therapists who we would want caring for our own families. So when you come to any one of our three Spokane area locations, the Inspire team will give you the same level of care and attention that we would want our own loved ones to receive.

We treat every patient like family, and we take a personal interest in each and every one of our patient's success stories.

At Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy, our values are simple: we lead with empathy and engage with trust. We believe that by developing relationships built on empathy and trust, we can create positive change and sustainable success for our patients.

What We Treat

Some of the common treatments we provide; are neck pain, shoulder pain, pelvic floor therapy, sports injury rehabilitation, hip pain, and back pain. Our goal is to get you back to your full potential. We don't just treat the symptoms, we get to the root of the problem so you can experience true healing.

What We Treat

Physical Therapy

I was referred to Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy for arthritis pain in my knees and pain in my Achilles’ tendons. I was impressed on my first visit with the friendliness and professionalism of the front desk ladies. The facility is very clean and has a great atmosphere. Kyle my physical therapist took the time to listen to my concerns, and together we worked on a plan for me to live with less pain. Sadly I didn’t need to go for a long period of time. I always enjoyed going even though it was sometimes a good painful. I also worked with Gavin who also did a great job. I would highly recommend Inspire to others.
Janelle White
I would and have recommended Inspire Physical Therapy. I worked with Jess and he was pretty awesome. He listened to all my issues and helped me to gain some control over my pain. He couldn't fix it all yet he did all he could do. When your pain is caused by something he can't fix, he can help figure a way to reduce the pain. I came to them for lower back pain that is greatly reduced. They ended up helping with a pinched nerve in my neck that had me in tears almost daily. No more tears. Thank you to the whole team that helped me, I appreciate all you did to help me. Thank you for what you do.
Nola Alexander
Everyone is kind and caring. Everything is clean and well maintained. Perfect location…just wonderful! Highly recommend!
Zoë JV
The front desk was very friendly and easy to work with making appointments. My physical therapist has been excellent. Jesse has been a great coach throughout my healing process and has me dial back when I tend to be to aggressive with my exercises. Thank you so much Jeff
Jeff massie
I am very happy going to INSPIRE. I would recommend this place to everyone. Everybody there is very nice.
Vikki Denison
My whole experience with Inspire was great. I worked with Kyle and he took the time to find out just what was going on with me and put a plan together to get me back to recovery. All the people there are really awesome. I enjoyed my time with them all.
Larry Solverson
The staff is incredibly friendly, personable and knowledgeable. They care about your comfort levels throughout your entire session. The check in process is quick - I never have to sit and wait in the waiting room which speaks mountains of the gals that do the scheduling. My arm, which has given me significant pain for the last year, feels better after just one week.
Sherri Lord
Great care staff and location. Front desk team greets me like a friend. All clients have one on one care throughout their visit. Clinic is open to views of the city, and and well appointed with all the equipment needed for rehabilitation. They have made an incredibly positive impact on my healing. My injury has been one of the most difficult personal experiences of my life, and the team there has made an huge difference in my recovery. So grateful for the whole staff there.
Pat Shemorry
Angela diligently worked with my insurance company to retrieve the authorization and referral information. I’ve had to do this exhausting tasks for other medical care offices because they don’t want to take the time to assist the patient. Angela said what she was going to do and did what she said she would do. She followed up with me and scheduled my appointments. Thank you Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy for having a patient centered experience. Give Angela a raise for her tireless efforts.
Derek Shewmake
What’s not to recommend? These guys know their business, but also craft a plan tailored to you, rather than a robotic, general for all types schedule. I’ve had 2 surgeries in the last year, and am back now facing a knee surgery, and thus, have been here since. I wouldn’t ever think of going anywhere else, even if I was out of town. Jesse and the team are amazing, and it would never be a question of me recommending them or not. Go!
Jason Mettler
The environment and the staff here are awesome. Allison and Jesse are both super knowledgeable and great listeners. They ask the right questions and have helped me a lot by tailoring a care plan for my specific concerns. Carly and Drew are great too, as are Alexandra and Kim at the front desk. PT can be a drag but at Inspire my experience has consistently been uplifting.
Trudy Stebbins
This group of people, all included, are absolutely amazing, fun, happy people. I am going to recommend this company as a go to. My therapist Kari, and her team are amazing. Thank you so much for all you all have given.
Tim McDermott
I am beyond lucky that I was referred to Allison early on in my pregnancy from my OB. Her knowledge is endless when it comes to the human body and pelvic health. I really cannot say enough great things about her. I owe how smoothly my pregnancy went solely to her. She even had my husband come in to learn how to support me during labor! The front desk is super friendly and have made me feel very welcomed. Carly is amazing at helping with exercises and correcting me when my form is terrible.
Rachel Ballard
It has been an absolute pleasure coming to Inspire Physical & Hand Therapy for the past few months! They provided me with attention & a therapy plan tailored to me specifically! I am moving out of state & I wish I could bring the team with me! Thank you Dr. Allison, Dr. Brouwer, & the Inspire PT team!
AZ- Buzztailz
I went to the Downtown office and the parking was a BREEZE!! Safe parking and the office validates the ticket, so FREE!! The therapists are great listeners and can read what your body says, too. I went there to strengthen my knees and discovered that the muscles of my hips lacked tone and strength, too. Being sick and sleeping most of 2 years does that to the body, on top of "disability" issues. I will only be using Inspire Physical Therapy in the future. I trust my rehabilitation to them completely.
Leanna Delone
My hands have three separate medical problems. I have my best days when I have had hand therapy at Inspire. My hand is almost normal when I leave there
Robin Kaswick
My friend Allison told me to start going here for some issues I developed while pregnant and it has been the best experience! Tim is very knowledgeable and has been great to work with while helping me heal. The atmosphere is fun and positive and at every appointment Kevin has a new list of trivia questions to think about while you ice/heat. Will recommend to friends and family if they need a physical therapist.
Brittany Baxter
The therapist and front office staff are friendly and helpful. They didn’t make it super awkward given some of the very odd exercises you may end up having to do. Offer help however they can with printouts, exercise bands, etc. Managed to get my own issue resolved within 5 visits which was great! Would highly recommend them.
Anastasia Babnick
I began coming to Inspire Physical and Hand Therapy after breaking my wrist. The progress I have made in regaining range of motion in my wrist and hand is remarkable. Tim and Kevin provide excellent treatment and also show me what I can be doing at home to continue improving. The staff is friendly, encouraging, and prompt. I highly recommend Inspire Physical and Hand Therapy.
Dana Myers