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Silver Creek Physical Therapy in San Jose & Evergreen

San Jose

Fax: (408) 841-7205

Ready To Get Started With Physical Therapy Near San Jose?

For over 15 years, Silver Creek Physical Therapy has been serving San Jose, Evergreen, and surrounding communities.

Silver Creek Physical Therapy, conveniently located on San Felipe Rd., is the top choice for individualized physical therapy in a warm and encouraging atmosphere.

We offer exceptional care, trusted expertise, and remarkable outcomes through in-clinic PT treatment.  From balance and vertigo issues to sports injuries and workers compensation cases, Silver Creek Physical Therapy is the top choice for Physical Therapy in San Jose and Evergreen communities.

The friendly staff at Silver Creek Physical Therapy will develop a personalized treatment plan designed for YOU to help you reach your goals and reduce the chance of future injuries. We use comprehensive methods, such as functional movement analysis, differential diagnosis, and a whole-body approach, to help determine which services you will benefit from most.

What We Treat

Physical Therapy

Injury Prevention

Balance & Fall Prevention

Work Injury Prevention

I have just completed approximately three months of physical therapy at Silver Creek Physical Therapy. Approximately two months was for treatment of my injured wrist and a month for treatment of my injured hip. I was in the capable hands of Amanda Carrillo, Doctor of Physical Therapy for both injuries. As a person, Amanda is very cordial and very caring, and as Physical Therapist, she is excellent in her craft. Kudos are also extended to the Physical Therapy Assistants for their performance of their assigned tasks. They coordinate the completion of exercises ordered by Amanda. The employees at the front desk should also be recognized. They are very cordial and they greet every person walking in for treatment, usually by their names. As a matter of fact, all employees at Silver Creek Physical Therapy are very cordial. I am happy to announce that I am now 100% pain free. I would without hesitation recommend Silver Creek Physical Therapy for anyone in need of physical therapy.
Karl Fukuda
I have visited Silver Creek Physical Therapy a number of times over many years, most recently starting in October. The staff are uniformly cordial and helpful, and the facility is clean and well-equipped. Of the physical therapists, I have the most experience with Shalaka, who has always provided excellent care, as have the individuals who assist her.
Alsn C
I have been going to Amanda C. for years for different issues. Very knowledgeable and have always produced results for me. Very good PT. Highly recommended.
Mahendra Agrawal
Always polite and helpful. Very happy with my treatment. Highly recommend Dominic!
Sravani Banerjee
Amanda has always been extremely helpful as well as the support staff starting from the greeting upon arrival til' my departure. Amanda was my P.T. when I broke my neck in Fall 2018 and was extremely helpful as well. If I have any future issues (which I hope not), I will always request Amanda for my recoveries.
Vic Delacruz