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Northwest Rehabilitation Assoc. Physical Therapy in Keizer, OR

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Ready To Get Started With Physical Therapy Near Keizer?

Welcome to Northwest Rehabilitation Associates formally Pinnacle Physical Therapy

We have been serving Salem-Keizer and surrounding communities for over 15 years with award-winning physical therapy.

Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, conveniently located on Cherry Ave NE., is the top choice for individualized physical therapy in a warm and encouraging atmosphere. This clinic specializes in Orthopedic Therapy, Sports rehabilitation & recovery, and wellness programs for patients.

We offer exceptional care, trusted expertise, and remarkable outcomes through in-clinic PT treatment.  From balance and vertigo issues to sports injuries and workers compensation cases to pelvic floor therapy, Northwest Rehabilitation Associates formally Pinnacle Physical Therapy is the top choice for Physical Therapy in Keizer, OR.

The friendly staff at Northwest Rehabilitation Associates will develop a personalized treatment plan designed for YOU to help you reach your goals and reduce the chance of future injuries. We use comprehensive methods, such as functional movement analysis, differential diagnosis, and a whole-body approach, to help determine which services you will benefit from most.

Northwest Rehabilitation Associates is the Top Choice for Physical Therapy in Keizer, OR

What We Treat

  • Sports Injuries: strain or pulled muscles, sprains, shin splints, knee/ankle injuries
  • Work-Related Injuries: Repetitive/Overuse Injuries, back pain, tendinitis, strains and sprains, Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Neck/Back Conditions: Injuries, bulging discs, muscle strains, sciatica, nerve compression, joint degeneration, Text-neck, Stenosis, Radiculopathy, DJD/DDD, TMJ Disorders
  • Shoulder Conditions: Dislocation, Rotator Cuff, Frozen shoulder, Bursitis, Impingement, Arthritis, Instability
  • Elbow/Wrist/Hand Conditions: Arthritis, Sprains/Strains, Golf/Tennis Elbow, Elbow Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Traumatic injuries, Overuse Injuries
  • Hip/Knee Conditions: Acute Injuries, Runners Knee, Gait or Stance Imbalances, Cartilage Injuries, Jumpers Knee, Weak or Tight Muscles, Kneecap Disorders
  • Ankle/Foot Conditions: Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Fracture, Flat Feet/Fallen arches, Strains and sprains, Custom Orthotics, Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Balance and Vestibular Disorders: Injury or ailment, BPPV, Neurological issues, Vertigo, Fall Prevention, Deconditioning
  • Headaches
  • Auto Accidents: Whiplash
  • Pediatric Conditions
  • Pre/Post-Surgery

What We Treat

Physical Therapy

Work Injury Prevention

My son needed help with some leg/hip issues. I thought PT would be a quick exam and then a list of exercises to do at home. I've never been so thrilled to be wrong! He works with Hsu-Hung ("she hung"), and she is fully involved for the entire time. If he's jumping, sliding, tossing, etc., so is she. She creates fun modules and games for him so he's never bored, which is a tough thing to do with this ADHD guy. I had dreaded having him around a bunch of PT equipment because of his distractibility and impulsiveness, but Hsu-Hung works with him when he gets off-track and never acts annoyed. It has been such a relief to see him build confidence and stamina.
Elissa Hammond
I will never forget these people they made me feel so comfortable and they are so understanding. Love everything about my care thanks to Sara I feel so confident about my health a safety. And cleared so much about my own body.❤❤❤❤❤
Maria Spees
Very professional and helpful! My therapist was very comprehensive in her approach to helping me with the pain.
Lisa Nichols
This is my first time using Pinnacle PT, everyone from receptionist to those who work with me are awesome and very easy to work with, they explain everything in away I can understand (I have Parkinson’s), they worked with my schedule to meet what I needed, I would refer them to others
Robin Ackerman
This is the second time going here. The first was for my left shoulder this time my right. I will always ask to come here and I have told others about this place. Everyone is friendly and now knows my name when I walk in the door.
Scott Gray
After over 5 years of constant agonizing pain due to a work related injury, my husband Michael was sent here and was assigned to therapist Sarah Acevado . Since this was his 3rd PT clinic we were not expecting much. But Sarah proved to be just what the doctor ordered. She is not only smart, knowledgable and deficated, she is also funny and personable. Since Michaels issues are through his whole body she took the time to work on each area. Every visit she pushed him harder and really made him work. It has paid off because his finally getting some relief after all these years. Sadly Sarah is moving to a new location. She will be greatly missed. We will always be grateful to her !!
Vonya Pinson
I love this place. I went to physical therapy here years ago (when it was still Pinnacle) and I am here again. I would recommend this place to anyone. Craig Hawkins is a fantastic man who will help you laugh through the pain. Claudia is a lovely person who is always very kind. I recently met Kris, and he is just a hoot. By far the best PT in town!
Lexxi Lorentz
Paul is amazing. Helped me so much in getting better, and get rid of my siatica and help me with straighting my feet and legs. Showing me how to do things the right way, without hurting myself. Chris, the man with the plan, he's a cool 😎 dude. It's a welcoming environment, I highly recommend.
Joseph Cook
Staff is very professional. If you are late or running behind they understand. They really seem to care about your well being. Very good treatment plans. So far my experience with them has been great!
y hdz
Great staff got us in fast and promptly and we're there to help us with any questions and anything else that we needed along the way very knowledgeable staff would recommend hands down great place should be first on your list if you need their service!! Thank you to your whole staff!!
Atilano Davalos III
The team has worked together to make sure that I am happy and healing.
Elayne Durham
Can’t be more please with the staff and therapist I have worked with… these people are very good at their jobs, I can’t thank kris, Claudia and Dr.Hawkins enough and I haven’t even finish therapy yet.
Zachary 1998