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Success Stories

I had a terrific experience at NWRA West Salem. The level of technology used in therapy was outstanding. Underwater treadmills, measured out- put on strength machines to measure before and after, and video analysis that showed issues I was dealing with. Been to PT for years before and the helpful technology at NWRA was outstanding.
My PT Zane went out of his way to make sure I was back to full strength with an excellent mix of exercises. He was always available through email as well. Now 5 months out from knee surgery, I am back to the activities I was doing before my injury. Thank you!

I have been seeing physical therapists for decades -- these are definitely the best I have ever worked with. They are the most knowledgeable, keep up-to-date, and are willing to adjust the plan to the patient as needed. All the staff here are excellent, including reception, billing, and management. The practice provides a wide range of services for all types of needs. Therefore, this is the only PT practice I have referred people to for the past 10 years -- with complete confidence and good results.

I have been working with Chris over the last several weeks after hip replacement surgery. He has skillfully brought me through each new stage of recovering; patiently encouraging and rebuilding hope that I can move again. His advice and care always felt professional, but also personal to my situation. He has truly brought me from suffering to being productive once again. I am thankful for Chris' help from the time we first met to the last PT session.

My daughter, Madelyn, blew out her ACL and damaged her meniscus during a soccer game on September 9th.  After getting into the ortho surgeon and having an MRI confirmation of the expected diagnoses, the ortho surgeon suggested that she go to pre-op PT as well as post-op.  Knowing some about the business that you have created over the years, I knew I wanted to try to get her in to be seen at the West Salem location and I called and was able to get her into see Rachel yesterday morning.  I want to let you know how amazing the first visit was.  Rachel is so knowledgeable and honest and she was very frank with Maddie regarding the road ahead and what to expect while also understanding and acknowledging that she is an athlete and still wants to FEEL like an athlete despite her current limitations.  She gave her some workouts to do at home and I feel like Maddie left with more hope on the recovery process and the team that is in place.

 I want to say thank you.  The blood, sweat, and tears that you have both put into the business over the years is evident by the quality of the facility and staff and I really appreciate the impact that you made to the operation as business owners as well as the office management role and Mike being a practitioner.   It is evident that your standards are still held in high regard and that they are maintaining the excellence that you put in place and I’m very thankful that I can take my kiddo there to get the care that she needs to get back on the field after she recovers.

I have unfortunately had lots of experience with rehab and physical therapy due to multiple injuries and surgeries. The therapists here are top tier. My therapist, John, was very knowledgeable, friendly, treated me with respect and kindness, and consistently encouraged me. He tailored my therapy quite specifically to my stated needs. As a healthcare professional myself, I confess to being pretty demanding in the healthcare I receive. So, it's rare that I say my care expectations are completely met, yet alone exceeded. But in this case they were very pleasantly and widely exceeded. Easy 5 stars!

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