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RE_Building by NWRA


Fax: 503-991-5452

Physical Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, & Sports Performance in Salem

For over 20 years, NWRA has provided Salem, Keizer, and the surrounding communities with the highest quality of physical therapy sports rehabilitation, and sports performance training for athletes of all ages.

The RE_Building by NWRA, built-in 2019 and conveniently located on 2nd St. NW in West Salem, is the only physical therapy clinic in Salem designed specifically for athletes. Our advanced technology, open spaces, and distinguished therapists and trainers specialize in rehabilitating and training athletes of all ages.

We believe in taking the guesswork out of rehabilitation and training. That’s why we outfitted our clinic with today’s best technology, such as isokinetic dynamometry and dual force plates. Whereas many clinicians are forced to rely on personal judgment, we objectively measure strength, power, and explosiveness with astonishing precision. Gone are the days of guessing if you’re safe and ready to play again: we measure, give you a score, and let the truth about how your body decides if you’re ready to get back on the field or court.

Thus, from balance and vertigo issues to a variety of sports injuries, including ACL tears and concussions, we are the top choice for sports rehab and performance in the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Additionally, we offer aquatic therapy, an underwater treadmill, and the 1080 Sprint—a specialized tool designed to make athletes faster and more dominant in sport.

Our friendly staff develops personalized treatment plans designed to help YOU reach your goals and reduce the chance of future injuries. We use comprehensive methods, such as functional movement analysis, differential diagnosis, and a whole-body, holistic approach to determine what you will benefit from most.

What We Treat

Athlete Training

Physical Therapy

Injury Prevention

Underwater Treadmill

1080 Sprint

Concussion Recovery

The staff is amazing. I had Zane and he was always so motivating and helped me out immensely with my knee. Jared also helped out and he was also awesome with connecting to me and making me feel welcome. They have lots of equipment and I like how they used machines to test my progress as I worked. I still wear the RE shirt they gave me often. Highly recommend.
Trevor Thompson
The physical therapy that was provided to my 15 year old daughter was exactly what she needed. The staff she worked with were very professional, kind, understanding and easy going. My daughter absolutely loves to work with the staff.
Adriana Bravo-Clark
Very good at there job, if your not looking to get better then this not the place. They will push you, but respect your condition not to have you hurt yourself. I would come come back if I need them again. They are helpful, and friendly.
Jose Dominguez
The RE_Building by NWRA has helped me through some of my worst injuries. They’ve helped get me back and better than ever, and i’ve learned so much along the way that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my career. Not only is it an amazing place for physical therapy and rehabilitation, but the training you can get there will no doubt make you a better athlete. The trainers and physical therapists make your training/PT very sport specific which I know athletes really appreciate. Would 10/10 recommend!!
Emily Stefan