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Top 10 Reasons to see a Physical Therapist Now

1) Low Back Pain & Sciatica – Studies show that the faster you get into Physical Therapy after you injure your back, the better chance you have to completely eliminate the pain. Don’t worry… if you have back pain that has been around for years, there is a good chance your PT can help you with that too. Hands-on therapy and specific exercises for your problem are the best treatment for back and sciatica issues. Exercise is medicine….so be careful if you do just ANY back exercises. They should be tailored to your body and your specific problem….stay off the internet and get into a PT that can evaluate you and get it handled.

2) Arthritis Pain- Most of us over the age of 30 have some wear and tear in our joints that can cause stiffness, limited motion, and pain. These issues left alone can slowly interfere with your activity level, and your health condition can head down a slippery slope. Exercise is important to keep you moving and keep you healthy. Ask your Physical Therapist what exercise and what hands on techniques will help your specific problem.

3) Foot Pain & Plantar Fasciitis-  If you say “Oh, my aching feet” or something along those lines when you take a step out of bed in the morning, you can benefit from some Physical Therapy. Pain in the feet or heels first thing in the morning is a sign of Plantar Fasciitis and ask anyone that has experienced it— it is terrible! Plantar fasciitis can affect anyone from long distance runners to the armchair quarterback. Your PT will evaluate the joints in your feet, your flexibility and strength, and will take a look at your joint mechanics to find out the cause of your problem. This can take a while to completely eliminate, but there is hope!

4) Urinary Incontinence- Do you leak urine when you sneeze or laugh? Do you have to stop multiple times on the way to Phoenix to go to the bathroom? Do you have to get up multiple times at night to urinate? Well you don’t have to live with these issues. Believe it or not, this issue is not considered a “normal” part of aging! Specialized Physical Therapists trained in “Pelvic Floor Therapy” can help you lessen or resolve these issues. Treatment includes a full evaluation, exercises, and specialized surface biofeedback- to make sure you are using and strengthening the right muscles. This is a lot more complicated and thorough than doing “Kegel’s Exercises”. Most people see results within 4-6 wks of starting therapy.

5) Neck Pain, Headaches and Jaw Pain- Working a desk job can put you in a terrible posture for many hours in a day. Abnormal postures lead to stress and strain in the muscles of the neck and upper back. This can lead to neck pain, headaches and jaw pain or temporomandibular joint problems. Other causes of neck pain and headaches may be from whiplash from a car accident. Physical Therapists are experts at soft tissue and joint problems and can help alleviate neck pain, headaches and jaw pain. They will teach you daily habits and exercises to keep you healthy for the long haul.

6) Injury and Post Surgery- Many people are aware that Physical Therapists can help after traumatic injuries and after surgery. What they don’t know is that Physical Therapy is also very helpful when you are preparing to have surgery. Studies have shown that performing specific exercises to improve strength and flexibility have helped patients having total knee replacements, ACL surgeries, hip surgeries and more recover with improved outcomes vs no exercise at all. Get help from a PT before or after any surgery- to get your energy level, strength, flexibility and function back quickly.

7) Sports Injury Prevention- We know a lot more today about injury prevention measures than we ever did before. Physical Therapists help athletes and entire teams work on strength, mobility, and agility needs specific to their bodies and to the sport. Athletes of all ages and levels of performance can benefit from this type of Physical Therapy.

8) Balance & Fall Prevention- As we age we lose balance over time and may become susceptible to falling. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and disability in the aging population, and in many cases can be prevented. Do you have to really concentrate when you step down off a curb? Have you fallen in the past year and sustained an injury? Have you fallen more than once in the last year? Balance can be trained and improved at any age. Prevention is the key when it comes to balance- see a Physical Therapist who can evaluate your balance and work with you to improve!

9) Adolescent Growth Related Pains- “Growing Pains” can occur when long bones grow faster than the soft tissues in the body. This can be a fleeting thing in some youngsters, but in others it can cause some real loss of function. A Physical Therapists can help with some of these conditions and can help alleviate the pain and loss of function that occurs. A Physical Therapist can help with conditions like Osgood Schlatter Disease, Sever’s Aphophysitis, Knee pain, and conditions like scoliosis and kyphosis. Another problem experienced is generalized low back pain. This can be a result of carrying a huge backpack full of books combined with sitting in a slumped position in a school desk all day. A Physical Therapist can help tackle these problems.

10) Pregnancy Related Pain- If you have had back pain during pregnancy, you know how terrible this can be. A Women’s Health Physical Therapist is an expert at dealing with all pregancy related pain- from neck and upper back pain to low back pain and sciatica. You don’t have to suffer through pregnancy as many of these problems can be resolved or helped by a Physical Therapist specially trained in Women’s Health. Ask your healthcare provider to send you to a Women’s Health PT for relief!

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