The Importance & Impact that A Physical Therapist Has on The Experience

Our CEO, Brent Mack, had to have surgery on October 18th to repair his right torn distal triceps muscle.

This was the first major injury and surgery Brent has had in his life, and his first time needing physical therapy since high school.

Brent's post-injury mind immediately went to what he won't be able to do anymore. What about the day-to-day things he enjoys? Would he ever be able to get back to his previous lifestyle?

He has never seen a torn distal triceps repair in his 20+ year career as a PT and knew it would be a lengthy rehab with this fairly rare injury.

He had to make a quick decision to have surgery and found himself very vulnerable about how the immediate future might look as far as daily activities go. Typically, he likes to lift weights/work out as his main source of exercise, and thinking about not being able to do that for 4+ months was very disheartening.

Talking with a trusted surgeon and physical therapist helped him deal with the circumstances, and being a patient for the first time allowed him to realize how valuable that support system can be to someone.


Brent shares that "currently, I am about six weeks out of surgery and in an arm brace preventing active flexion of my right elbow beyond 90 degrees and avoiding any active firing of my right triceps muscle. I started physical therapy to work on ROM and light strengthening for the coming weeks and hope to be back to 100% by mid-February 2023".

"The impact, both physically and mentally, we have on our patients every day has been highlighted to me throughout this process. Without having those reinforcing voices and a support system, I would have really struggled throughout this lengthy and slow rehab process. Having people in your corner, uplifting you when you are down, is Incredibly helpful and I am witnessing that firsthand as a patient."

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