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Work Performance Testing

Employers – Do not buy existing medical problems that become aggravated after hiring or return to work and risk the safety of your employees. Make sure that each person can perform the essential functions of the job before they start working!

Our Physical Therapists are currently certified to test through two different testing systems. This includes WorkSTEPS® and WorkSavers®. Although each company has its own unique testing format, they both have verifiable cost-effective programs that are unique for each employer.

Both companies offer their own unique Work Performance testing system of standardized comprehensive prevention and work injury management programming. These were developed to meet a critical employer need– medically safe, legally compliant, scientific, and objective means of assuring a prospective employee is physically capable of completing the essential functions of a job.  These programs also allow a safe return to work if someone has been out due to prolonged illness or injury.

Employers using either of these programs are experiencing significant work injury reduction!

Who does this benefit? Everyone!

This is beneficial for all employees and employers by assuring the employee is SAFE. Testing will reduce the chances of a work-related injury which in turn will reduce time lost from work.

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