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Schroth Scoliosis Treatment

Schroth Scoliosis Treatment - Curve specific treatment approach for both adolescents and adults

Have a curvy spine? Having difficulty standing up straight and worry " I am shrinking"?  The Schroth Method could be for you!  This method can help growing kids as well as adults with scoliosis….

When your growing tween or teen is diagnosed with scoliosis, you often hear, “We’ll just have to wait and see…” If you’re an adult with painful scoliosis, you’ve likely consulted a surgeon, with similar results. Many people aren’t satisfied with " just waiting to see or waiting for surgery or bracing, and there is another, proactive option for both.

The Schroth Method for scoliosis management was developed in Germany in the 1920s and has been successfully used in clinics around the world since then. The Schroth Method uses exercises, on their own or with bracing, to help teach you specific movements and breathing techniques that help fight the pull of gravity on your curve. Schroth has only been in the United States for approximately a decade and has been gaining momentum with parents, adult patients, and physicians alike. The Schroth Method gives you tools and a practice than can be used forever, to stay strong, breathe deeply, and walk tall through life.

 So, if you want to:

  • Improve body appearance by postural corrections
  • Improve lung capacity and rib mobility with deep breathing
  • Improve posture in sitting, standing, walking, and activities throughout the day
  • Learn proper body mechanics to protect your spine throughout the day
  • Assist in opening the concavities of the spine
  • Instruct in strengthening exercises for specific muscles to assist in supporting spine in a balanced alignment
  • Improve understanding of your scoliosis or hyperkyphosis
  • Prevent, decrease, or assist in pain management associated with scoliosis
  • Connect the mind to the body and re-educate muscles to do their job

Trained Schroth Method practitioners are fairly rare in the United States, and there are only a few in the Southern region. Sue Simmerman PT, ScD, OCS, COMT is a Level 2 Certified Schroth Therapist through the Schroth-Barcelona Institute.