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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a difference in how the brain perceives the surrounding environment and, therefore, how the person experiences the world. The medical community classifies it as neurodevelopmental disability.

The DSM-5 characterizes it by the following: differences in social communication skills and repetitive behaviors/ interests shown in two of the following categories: repetitive motor movements or speech, difficulty with changes (like things to be the same), fixated interests, and differences in sensory needs.

ASD is often misunderstood, and there are common misconceptions based on stereotypes or overgeneralizations. People who have been diagnosed with ASD have a variety of strengths and needs.

At Two Trees, we are dedicated to learning more about the neurodiversity movement (all brains are different and valid) and listening to autistic voices. We approach therapy from a neurodivergentaffirming lens. We are here to support the needs of our clients and help them grow, not to change them or have them conform to society’s expectations.

Here are some ways that our therapists can help support a child diagnosed with ASD:

  • Determining sensory differences and tailoring a treatment approach to support these sensory needs
  • Helping children communicate in a variety of ways (total communication approach and looking at analytic vs. Gestalt language processing)
  • Supporting children’s social communication needs through group therapy (focusing on building self-advocacy skills)