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SCAR Physical Therapy - Success Stories

The P.T.s are well educated, professional and caring. The entire staff is very friendly. They genuinely care about your well being and go to great lengths to help you reach your goals. 
My doctors prefer me to use SCAR and I am so happy they referred me. I have been to many other physical therapy clinics and none have gotten me the results and pain relief the therapists at SCAR have achieved.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my physical therapy with the Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation (SCAR) team in Orange and specifically Brent Talley. He’s been extremely attentive in understanding the issue I’m dealing with (shoulder) and providing the needed care, advice, and treatment for my long term health and success. He’s easy to talk to (one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met) AND HE LISTENS … that’s key! I really appreciate him.

The entire team there is really nice. I had an opportunity to speak with the SCAR CEO (Jim) on my first visit and we talked about an elimination diet to help with some gut issues that I’ve been dealing with. He was very helpful and sent me details and a plan on the topic that day. The ladies upfront even refer to me by name - and that was just after Day 1 (which I hope is a good thing!)

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of a great place for PT/rehab.

My mother was referred to see physical therapist Elizabeth Cherry at SCAR by her orthopedic doctor for an injury that was not sports related. We have finished three sessions thus far and Elizabeth and the supporting staff have been excellent. She has a high level of knowledge, patience, care, and is very attentive to my mother's injury. She will pinpoint the exact area where the pain is coming from and work on it from there. 

During each session my mother receives very soothing massage techniques by Elizabeth and is taught several exercises to help rehab the injured body part. We very much look forward to continuing to see my mother's recovery through this physical therapy over the next couple of weeks. I highly recommend SCAR and Elizabeth Cherry even for physical injuries that are not sports related. It is also nice to see that they always disinfect their equipment after each patient visit.

This team knows their stuff, I first found them upon moving here from Texas to address a knee issue, then joined as a fitness member as they taught me a lot about functional strength and stretching to help my sport of triathlon. I came back with my son after his ACL surgery because they rehab all levels of fitness from sports to the older generation with knowledge and individual care.

I rehabbed my whole body after a shark attack and used the personal training services after to strengthen me for my journey back to health. I am now going for an arthritis issue in my knee and have faith that I will be well taken care of. They do it all from head injuries to every body part in between.

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