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Physical Therapy in Los Angeles - Success Stories

Everyone here has been nothing but excellent.

Prior to finding Paulseth, I conveniently went to a place in the same building where I worked in and they were awful. Long story short, they ended up closing down and treatment was very rushed.

After some research, I found Paulseth and started seeing Leslie for a couple of years for my ongoing lower back issues. She is an expert and highly skilled. Lorena, one of the aids who is also a physical therapist in her home country, is absolutely amazing too.

When you come here for your therapy you will be in great hands. They take your time in treating you, and it doesn't seemed rushed like the previous place I went to.

Terri in the front office is a true gem. Couldn't be more happier with this place!

All of the staff at Paulseth are amazing!! So professional and so knowledgeable! Thank you for all of your help! I so appreciate it and I will refer everyone over to you!

At the end of 2018, my ankle was destroyed in a bad rock climbing fall. I had a very serious pilon fracture (tib/fib breaks and cartilage cracks). Two surgeries, two plates, and fourteen screws later, I rolled into Paulseth PT on a medical scooter with a massive boot, having just barely recovered from surgery. I was at this clinic three times a week, every week, for almost a year, and worked with nearly every aid and therapist including Stephen Paulseth himself. I took my first steps on my *new* ankle at this clinic, after being non weight bearing for over THREE MONTHS. By the time I left, I was working on my jogging form and doing box jumps. If you have an ankle injury -- go here. It is a small group that truly cares about their patients and designs every session to exactly to what your needs may be. I am extremely lucky to have found this wonderful team and trust them completely with any injury I may have in the future. Thank you guys for everything!

Paulseth changed my life! Ten years ago, I had to abandon my career as a professional guitarist after developing a severe case of what had been misdiagnosed as tendinitis/carpal tunnel but was truly nerve compression. I visited FOUR physical therapy clinics on the east coast, and they all put me through the standard routine with no results.

On a whim, I went to Paulseth when computer work left me with debilitating hand pain. My PT took the time to diagnose me through nerve tests. He developed an effective plan for treatment, which I followed diligently, and now I'm happy to say I'm back to playing guitar each day. More importantly, I have my first gig in ten years!

Make no mistake. I had given up all hope of ever returning to playing guitar, professionally or as a hobby. The world has opened up for me again since working with the wonderful staff at Paulseth. Five Stars from a six-string bandit!!!

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