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Success Stories

Front office is very efficient, helpful and friendly!
Physical Therapist, Rob, is very knowledgeable, observant, understanding, helpful and responsive.
Facility is very clean and adherent to COVID-19 protocol.
I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Napa Valley PT.

I caught my hip bursitis (too much running at 53 ;o) ) early and began treatment in January 2021. With good discipline about following all the treatment plans I am pain free and still running. Office and therapy staff are friendly, very knowledgeable, and yet caring. Really great experience.

Eric, my therapist has not only helped me progress quickly, he is upbeat, personable and supportive. Office staff is upbeat and efficient, as well. Despite having to push hard doing my exercises, Eric's sense of humor has me looking forward to my PT.

I have to give kudos to Lilia Ibarra, my Physical Therapist. She is amazing. She had a lot of knowledge about my condition. Her expertise gave me comfort, and she was genuinely concerned. She was gentle and soft spoken.

The people here are super friendly and so motivating. I absolutely love my physical therapist. Always positive and caring. Pushes me, but never more than past what I’m capable. I’m seeing a difference in my abilities in a short time. Happy to be a patient here.

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