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Fit Physical Therapy - Riverfront

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Thank you for your interest in FIT Physical Therapy.   

We offer positions for Patient Care Coordinators, Physical Therapy Aide & Technicians, and Licensed Physical, Pelvic Floor, Occupational, and Speech Therapists. To view roles, use the following links.

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What Makes Our Team Different:

Being a part of the FIT PT family means being part of something special: We are a team that is driven to make a positive impact on our profession and the communities we live in and serve by making a commitment to excellent patient outcomes, lifelong learning, and developing a lasting relationship.

We believe a world-class patient experience is facilitated by an exceptional employee experience. Our culture of empathy, teamwork, and betterment is rooted in the care we provide to our patients and expressed in the values we live. We encourage and empower each employee to keep learning and growing by providing tremendous resources to deliver exceptional care.

Why Choose FIT Physical Therapy?

1. Clinician Run
Our CEO and members of our leadership team are licensed Physical Therapists with decades of experience, so they know exactly what it takes to be a successful clinician. 

2. Putting Patient Care First
Our patient-centric care model is driven by the exceptional care, empathy, and passion of our team. 

3. Mentorship Program
Our proprietary New Graduate Mentorship Program is designed to provided clinicians with three years or less experience the hands-on mentorship that we all wished we had when we started out.  These mentorships revolve around helping you become the best version of yourself by focusing on growing your talents and passions along with helping you avoid common early-career issues. 

4. TPGU (Therapy Partners Group University
Our clinical and leadership learning platform, included are formal residency programs, fellowship, and clinical education courses. Learn how to be a master clinician or Become a Leader who inspires others to dream more, do more, and become more. 

5. Upward Mobility
Opportunities for career advancement in education and/or management

With FIT Physical Therapy, you’ll find something uniquely different and more satisfying: A career that is challenging, inspiring, and gratifying. 

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