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Looking at Physical Therapy Jobs? Elevate Your Career with Therapy Partners Group’s Physical Therapy Residencies

Therapy Partners Group is proud to announce the introduction of new physical therapy residencies across the United States, designed to enrich the expertise and skills of physical therapists in specialized care areas. These physical therapy residencies are available in key focus areas such as Orthopedics, Women’s Health, and Sports Physical Therapy at select high-profile facilities.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residencies

The Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency is tailor-made to deepen therapists’ understanding of musculoskeletal disorders and advance their clinical reasoning and treatment skills across several locations:

  • Bodycentral Physical Therapy, Tucson, AZ: Engage in a comprehensive curriculum focusing on diverse orthopedic conditions in Arizona’s leading physical therapy center.
  • Golden Bear Physical Therapy, Modesto, CA: Experience evidence-based practices and patient-centered care in orthopedic physical therapy at Golden Bear.
  • Pair & Marotta Physical Therapy, Bakersfield, CA: Dive into advanced orthopedic care and rehabilitation techniques in Bakersfield’s renowned clinic.
  • FitPT, Las Vegas, NV and Mesquite, NV: Master complex orthopedic cases and innovative treatments in FitPT’s dynamic residency programs in Nevada.

Women’s Health (Pelvic Health) Physical Therapy Residencies

The Women’s Health (Pelvic Health) Physical Therapy Residency in Tucson, AZ, offers specialized training in pelvic health, as well as prenatal and postnatal care, addressing the unique health needs of all people

Sports Physical Therapy Residencies

For those focused on sports rehabilitation, our Sports Physical Therapy Residencies provide exceptional training opportunities:

  • ProSport PT, Southern California: Immerse yourself in sports rehabilitation with varied athlete populations, enhancing injury prevention and recovery strategies in Southern California.
  • Bodycentral Physical Therapy, Tucson, AZ: Combine clinical practice with sports physical therapy research to optimize athletic performance and recovery.

Benefits of Enrolling in Physical Therapy Residencies

Physical therapy residencies not only boost clinical and diagnostic skills but also significantly enhance your professional trajectory. Residents benefit from intensive mentorship by top specialists, gaining hands-on experience essential for obtaining board certification in specialized physical therapy fields.

Therapy Partners Group’s commitment to excellence ensures all residents access the latest in educational resources and learning advancements throughout their physical therapy residencies.

Apply Today

For therapists eager to elevate their career through specialization, Therapy Partners Group’s physical therapy residencies provide the perfect opportunity. Visit our residency information page for more details on how to apply and join a community of professionals dedicated to advancing physical therapy practices, Or email for more information.  Visit our careers page:

Pursue specialization with our physical therapy residencies and commit to making a substantial impact in the health and well-being of your patients. Join Therapy Partners Group and be at the forefront of innovative physical therapy care.