OPTM Physical Therapy Joins Golden Bear Therapy Partners

The Saratoga clinic is the latest addition to Golden Bear’s extensive network of rehabilitation clinics across the United States.

(Saratoga, CA) – Northern California clinic OPTM Physical Therapy joined the Golden Bear Therapy Partners network of wellness brands on June 12. Golden Bear will provide OPTM with the leadership and support to improve as a healthcare provider and grow in their community. Additionally, the clinic’s physical therapy specialist Dr. Fabrice Rockich will now serve as Golden Bear’s Regional Director of Operations for the Bay Area.

“Fabrice, and the rest of the OPTM team, are a staple to the Saratoga market. Golden Bear is lucky to have a top operator like Fabrice on our team. Together, we have a plan of continued success and growth together.” commented Golden Bear CDO Brandon Ziemann.

The Golden Bear team recognizes OPTM as an excellent operator in the field and a perfect addition to the GB network in the Bay Area.

“I wanted to partner with a group that not only had the expertise and financial backing to develop successful private practices but who also had a similar philosophy to mine on patient care and team management” said Fabrice Rockich. “I wanted to partner with a leadership team that values taking care of and giving back to the community, values employees, and really understands the importance of physical therapy for peopleslives.

OPTM’s primary clinic is located at 12980 Saratoga Ave and offers a variety of physical therapy, sports medicine, and injury recovery services. Virtual telehealthcare is offered with the same caliber of professional care, along with neurorehabilitation, deep tissue laser therapy, and more. The team of professionals prioritizes individualized care for each patient and work to make a plan that suits each case. To learn more about OPTM’s services, visit https://therapypartnersgroup.com/partner/optm-saratoga/.

About Golden Bear Therapy Partners

Founded in 1981, Golden Bear Therapy Partners celebrates 40 years of working in rehabilitation and wellness. With an extensive network of partners, Golden Bear works to help clinics and wellness centers deliver exceptional patient care, enhance skill sets, and become part of a strong community of industry-leading professionals. Golden Bear seeks to partner with passionate and successful private practice owners in the physical therapy industry. To learn more, please visit www.therapypartnersgroup.com.

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