Golden Bear Therapy Partners Announces Partnership With Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin

(Marin, CA) – On November 5, Golden Bear Therapy Partners proudly announced its latest partnership with Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin. The Bay Area physical therapy clinics have been dedicated to providing the highest quality of rehabilitation care to patients since 1987 and will continue to do so in collaboration with Golden Bear.

With this partnership, Golden Bear will continue its expansion in the North Bay while fostering the internal and external growth of the long-established group in Marin. Owner and CEO Steve Thompson’s willingness to drive continuous improvement closely aligns with Golden Bear’s mission and made SSTM stand out as a potential partner.

“The team and culture that Steve and his team have built is a wonderful fit for Golden Bear,” said Brent Mack, Golden Bear Therapy Partners, CEO. “Sport & Spine Therapy of Marin shares the same mission of delivering an exceptional patient experience along with great outcomes. We are thrilled to enter into a partnership with this market-leading group.”

Sport and Spine Therapy of Marin has two locations in San Anselmo and Novato, California where their dedicated team of professionals treat patients with individualized care. Their services treat pain and injury all over the body with a combination of therapeutic techniques, physical medicine, and therapeutic exercise. The SSTM team works with manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, kinesio taping, electrical stimulation, and more to ensure patients meet their personal goals.

“This partnership will provide the foundation, support, and guidance from which we can build and expand the great services that we have delivered to our community for over 30 years,” said Steve Thompson. “Everyone in Golden Bear, from the Business Development, to the Integrations team, to the Leadership team and finally the Operations team, have confirmed our decision that this is the best thing we could have done and the best partner for a practice like ours to join. We can’t wait to see the power of two great brands and families coming together to better our community.”

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About Golden Bear Therapy Partners

Founded in 1981, Golden Bear Therapy Partners celebrates 40 years of working in rehabilitation and wellness. With an extensive network of over 110 clinics across 5 states, Golden Bear works to help clinics and wellness centers deliver exceptional patient care, enhance skill sets, and become part of a strong community of industry-leading professionals. Golden Bear seeks to partner with passionate and successful private practice owners in the physical therapy industry. To learn more, please visit

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