Golden Bear Therapy Partners Acquires Pair and Marotta Rehabilitation Clinics

The rehabilitation company adds another successful therapy brand into its extensive network.

(Bakersfield, CA) – On October 22, the quickly expanding rehabilitation company Golden Bear Therapy Partners acquired leading physical therapy group Pair and Marotta. Golden Bear will act as a therapy partner for the Bakersfield-based clinics, working toward brand growth and supporting them in providing the best outpatient rehabilitation and sports training for the community.

“It is my pleasure to welcome Pair & Marotta Physical Therapy to the Golden Bear Therapy Partners family,” said Brent Mack, CEO of Golden Bear Therapy Partners. “Bob, Mike, and the rest of the team have a deep history serving Bakersfield and surrounding communities with great patient care. We are looking forward to further expanding Golden Bear’s footprint in the state in conjunction with Pair & Marotta.”

For Golden Bear, this partnership continues to expand their network throughout California.  The Golden Bear team strives to bring top-quality rehabilitation companies aboard the platform and feels Pair and Marotta is a great addition both geographically and culturally..“[Bob and Mike at P&M] have built a great private practice and have provided care to thousands of patients over the past 32 years,” said Golden Bear Founder and President Bobby Ismail. “Golden Bear Therapy Partners is a family of brands that is committed to innovation and to delivering an exceptional patient experience. Our values are aligned and expanding to the Bakersfield market with a P&M partnership is ideal. A strategic expansion with real good people; an ingredient for success!”

Pair and Marotta have served their community since 1988, with six locations in Bakersfield and Tehachapi. The clinics offer leading treatment in physical therapy, hand therapy, sports training, aquatic therapy, and more. Their vision as a healthcare provider is patient-geared and evidence-based practice.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Golden Bear. We are convinced their support and innovation will take us to a new level,” commented Pair and Marotta founding partner Bob Pair. “Their various teams from top to bottom have been super helpful, cooperative, knowledgeable, and highly patient in the transition process – for which we are greatly appreciative.”

For more information about Pair and Marotta Physical Therapy, visit

About Golden Bear Therapy Partners

Founded in 1981, Golden Bear Therapy Partners celebrates 40 years of working in rehabilitation and wellness. With an extensive network of partners, Golden Bear works to help clinics and wellness centers deliver exceptional patient care, enhance skill sets, and become part of a strong community of industry-leading professionals. Golden Bear seeks to partner with passionate and successful private practice owners in the physical therapy industry. To learn more, please visit

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