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Bodycentral Physical Therapy Tempe, AZ


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Ready To Get Started With Physical Therapy in Tempe?

For over 25 years, Bodycentral Physical Therapy has served Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and surrounding communities. 

Bodycentral Physical Therapy in Tempe, conveniently located on W. Warner Rd., is the top choice for individualized physical therapy in a warm and encouraging atmosphere. 

We offer exceptional care, trusted expertise, and remarkable outcomes through in-clinic PT treatment. From balance and vertigo issues to sports injuries and workers’ compensation cases, hand therapy, and pelvic floor therapy, Bodycentral Physical Therapy is the top choice for Physical Therapy in Tempe. Because of the large open layout, Bodycentral Physical Therapy in Tempe is able to handle even the most elite-level athletes. 

The friendly staff at Bodycentral Physical Therapy Tempe will develop a personalized treatment plan designed for YOU to help you reach your goals and reduce the chance of future injuries. We use comprehensive methods, such as functional movement analysis, differential diagnosis, and a whole-body approach, to help determine which services you will benefit from most. Bodycentral Physical Therapy in Tempe has some of the most up-to-date physical therapy equipment in the area.  

Our promise is to treat you with the care and respect you deserve from the first moment we contact you to your final visit with our team. We realize that physical therapy may be uncomfortable or stressful. 

Why BodyCentral is the Best Physical Therapy in Tempe. 

We only hire the most compassionate, empathetic, caring, and genuine physical therapists who will create a personalized treatment plan that is specifically designed for your individual needs and goals. We utilize the latest techniques and evidence-based research in order to provide you with the best possible care. 

We’ve found that our patients experience high levels of success after progressing through a customized treatment plan designed for their situation. Our goal is to help you heal quickly and thoroughly so that you can return to your life as soon as possible. 

Physical Therapy Tempe

Located in the heart of Tempe on W Warner Road, our team of specialized physical therapists is here to assist you and deliver high-quality care. We are known for creating a friendly, caring atmosphere in which patients feel understood and appreciated. The team of clinicians at Bodycentral Physical Therapy in Tempe is here to help you with any problem you have from headaches, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain, all the way to foot issues like plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains. 

We accept most major insurances and offer self-pay options as well. We accept United Healthcare plans, Medicare, Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield, Worker’s Compensation plans, and the major AHCCCS plans. If you need physical therapy in Tempe, Arizona we have you covered.  

If you’re looking for compassionate care and individualized attention, call to schedule your appointment today. 

What We Treat

Athlete Training

Injury Prevention

Physical Therapy

Work Injury Prevention

Balance & Fall Prevention

The staff here is exceptional. Professional, courteous, and very empathetic With patients. I would recommend Body Central in Tempe to anyone who needs PT. A great place for seniors.
dennis selph
If you are in need of physical therapy you need to go to Body Central. Matt Brown is one of the most engaged physical therapist you could ever work with. He has true passion for what he does and genuinely wants to get you back on track as quickly as possible. You will love the facility. It is brand new and very spacious.
Victoria Sherrell
What an amazing experience at the brand new Bodycentral Physical Therapy office in Tempe. Matt Brown and his team go above and beyond to get you on the right path to recovery. I’m really looking forward to working with this team to get back to normal. I highly recommend coming here for your physical therapy needs.
Gregory Calhoun
I highly recommend Body Central for anyone in need of physical therapy! Matt is an amazing doctor and super passionate about what he does. The facility is is brand new, super clean and very spacious.
Tatum Sanders
This facility is brand new, sparkling clean, and really impressive. Definitely worth checking out and Matt the manager is a great PT!
Ethan Paster
My experience with Sam, my physical therapist,was outstanding. His knowledge and expertise gave me relief and hope, for continued healing, of my chronic foot issue. TaylorAnn, the wonderful receptionist, made scheduling so easy. Thank you for making this experience so helpful and fun!
Sue Foley
I can't say enough about my PT Matt and Taylor Ann at the front desk. I've avoided physical therapy for years because I felt like it was counter productive for my chronic back pain and here they are simply amazing! It's easy to reach them, easy to schedule and they are so warm and welcoming. You don't feel like a patient file and the staff genuinely cares. Matt is an amazing PT. He knows what he's doing and is great at explaining and asking questions. He follows up to see how I'm feeling after sessions to know what's working. In 3 weeks I've noticed a huge improvement in many areas including my pain.
Kimber Fearon
Matt is an awesome and has helped me with my ankle, back.Definitely recommend bodycentral.
sean green
Matt is a great therapist! He took good care of my knee as well as a friend’s ankle. Highly recommend!
Sam Rauchwarter
Matt can diagnose your issue quickly and help you get back on track. He is very knowledgeable!
paula anderson
Worked with my schedule to make appointments and rescheduled easily. Worked pretty much one on one with therapist. Got good suggestions for at-home exercises.
Roger Fischer
Matt Brown is a stellar PT, the facility is well appointed and laid out and the attention I receive during appointments is wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better place to receive therapy.
Carol Saker
I've never really finished a PT program before I started one with BodyCentral following a total shoulder replacement in Feb 2022. Matt worked with me the whole time and got me through 5 months of PT. My shoulder is great now - I'm back to where I can set a volleyball (I'm a HS coach) without paid. Something I haven't experienced for years and years. The staff at BodyCentral always made me feel welcome and taken care of. I highly recommend these guys!!!
Dale Stouffer
this place is a godsend!!! I had a significant injury a year and half ago and in the midst of it, i moved to arizona and struggled to find a physical therapy that knew about my injury, could answer questions, and properly rehab me. i ended up finding bodycentral in january of this year after my 4th surgery in a year and im entirely grateful i switched to here. i needed a place that had more one-on-one and this place met all of my requirements i needed. matt is very knowledgeable and i know that i wouldn’t have made the progress i did if i hadn’t found bodycentral. i recommend them to anyone!!!
lara latour

Our Physical Therapy Tempe Team

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have worked with patients with all types of diagnoses. Patients that have had ACL reconstruction, baseball players with shoulder pain, runners with knee pain, and runners with foot and ankle pain. In addition to treating elite-level triathletes and professional baseball players, our team provides services for youth sports in Arizona. 

If you have a sports injury, or you are an armchair quarterback with back pain, you can find help for your issues at Bodycentral Physical Therapy. In addition to sports injuries, we can also help you with other orthopedic issues. If you have had a total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement, or a total ankle replacement, our physical therapists can help you get back to standing, walking, and enjoying life!

Many patients seek help following back surgery and even for injuries sustained in a car accident. Our physical therapists can also help many youth and adult athletes prevent injury, rehabilitate the following injury, and improve performance on the field through athlete performance programs. From chronic pain, neck pain, joint pain, back pain, sports-related injuries, our team will figure out the root cause and get you back to living your best life. From your first visit to your last, you will experience a caring compassionate staff that genuinely cares, give BodyCentral physical ttherapy clinic a call to schedule your appoint,ent. 

What about the cost of physical therapy?

Attending physical therapy in Tempe may also help reduce the overall healthcare costs associated with your injury. Research has shown that attending physical therapy first can reduce the need for more invasive procedures like surgery, pain medications, or injections. Starting with conservative physical therapy care is recommended for many diagnoses. 

Many people worry that physical therapy will hurt. Our physical therapists are trained to evaluate your injury and work with you to develop a plan of care to alleviate pain and get you moving again. If you experience discomfort during your visit, please be sure to let your physical therapist know so they can adjust your care to be more tolerable.

Good communication between you and your physical therapist is essential in your recovery. Your goals for physical therapy are also important. Make sure you discuss what your individual goals are- what do you want to get back to doing? Our physical therapists also make sure you have a home exercise program to perform to continue your progress when you finish physical therapy. It is important to attend all your physical therapy sessions so you get the most from the care you receive.

If you have to cancel an appointment, make sure to reschedule that appointment soon so you do not lose progress toward your goals.

The frequency of your care may vary over the course of your care, but we recommend starting several times a week with your physical therapist to make an impact on your injury or condition. Your journey through physical therapy may take several weeks or even months depending on your individual condition. During the initial evaluation, you and your physical therapist will work through your goals and determine the right plan of care for you. 

If you have any problems in between appointments, please call the office. If you are sore, we can fit you in and help you deal with the soreness. If you have more pain, we need to get you in and evaluate what is happening so we can help reduce your pain and get you back on track to recovery.

If you notice your pain starts to go away quickly, make sure to communicate that with your physical therapists too. Sometimes patients stop physical therapy too early because they think that pain going away means they don’t need therapy any longer. It is at this point that we start working on the issues that caused the pain in the first place. So communicate with your physical therapist so you can get the most out of your physical therapy.